Complete lines

Whole plant project

Water treatment system

Purify raw water into pure water, mineral water, beverage production process water.

Beverage pre-treatment system

According to the characteristics of all kinds of beverage process, mainly including the following systems


Hot water preparation system

By heat pipe heat exchanger, the steam is used to analyse the RO water cycle

ring preheating and reach the set temperature in the hot water storage tank. Used to dissolve

milk, extraction, mixing process


Solubling sugar system

Used for filtering and dissolve sugar, from the perspective of process can be divided into the normal temperature Soluble sugar and high temperature soluble sugar


Blending system

Used toblending beverage, finished beverage into the next procedure


CIP system

For the product contact surface processing equipment cleaning and disinfection


Extraction system

Active ingredients of plant extraction filter cooling system,

Finished material liquid into the next procedure